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"A Dreamy Destination: Saadet and Burak's Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Wedding"

A Dreamy Setting:

The Mandarin Oriental, with its cascading pools, lush gardens, and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, provided a picture-perfect backdrop for the day.

Every cherished detail, from Saadet's radiant smile to Burak's emotional gaze, was meticulously captured by LOVE TELLERS team. We are destination wedding photography experts. And our expertise ensured that the essence of the day, from the tearful first look to the joyous celebration, would be forever preserved in stunning photographs.

And finally here is the romantic wedding cinema of this gorgeous couple, filmed by Love Tellers team. We believe that Bodrum is the perfect setting for weddings and we are waiting for new couples to dive in to this amazing atmosphere. If you are interested to get married in this lovely Aegean coast, please contact us directly.


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